Infrastructure & Service Status

Network Services

Core Network Online8.339ms

We run our own autonomous resilient network - AS60899 - which provides fast & reliable connectivity for all our applications & services.

  • If you need to allow our applications access to your network, you should permit and 2a00:67a0:a:1::/64 through your firewall.
  • You are currently using IPv4 to connect to our network. You are connected from IP address XXX.
  • You are connected to our network using IPv6, your address is XXX.

Anycast Network Offline

Our Anycast network - AS43262 - hosts our global DNS & CDN services. This allows you to receive content & data from servers as close to your geographical location as possible.

Currently served by
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Redundancy Location Online9.435ms

Our redundancy location is standing by to take over should anything very bad happen at our core location.

Our Applications

These are our applications. Items marked with a tick are operating well and those without are currently detected as offline or experiencing an issue.

Click on the appropriate application name to submit a ticket to the appropriate support team.

Core Utilities & Services

Our utility services are often required for the correct operation of our services. Those marked with a tick are operating well and those without are experiencing issues.

  • Identity

    aTech Identity

    Currently online

  • Billy

    Billing Centre

    Currently online

  • Jess

    E-Mail Marketing

    Currently online

  • Community

    Community Forums

    Currently online

Ancillary Services

This section includes other services which are monitored and used on a daily basis but not by all customers.

  • aTech Media Website

  • Company E-Mail

  • Office Phone System

  • DNS Services

  • This Status Site